About CSILab

CSILab was founded to educate and inspire people who are interested in a career helping others in Crime Scene Investigation. Our goal is to combine resources, interviews with those who work in the field (let us know if we can interview you!), and education information so people know what it takes to work in this exciting field. We are always looking to grow our team of experts, so drop us a line if you want to come on board!

Editorial Team

Sarah Brand
Sarah Brand is the Managing Editor of CSILab. Sarah comes from long line of law enforcement and military family, ranging from forensic photographers to wardens and parole and probation officers. She’s also a true crime fanatic and knows way too much about trace evidence, serial killers and Locard’s exchange principle. She also has a background in academic advising, helping students find their way to the right degree program, and helped literally hundreds of students get their start in the field of criminal justice.

When she’s not writing, Sarah enjoys hot Pilates, dancing, photography, and watching basketball.

Jason Downey
Jason is a longtime lover of all things science and has a special passion for computer forensics, digital privacy and security. With CSILab, Jason’s primary focus is on spreading awareness of our site and its content to others in the world of CSI, forensics and criminal justice. Jason holds a degree in Business Management and spent time helping at-risk youth build hiking trails throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Lauren Barnes
Lauren Barnes is the community coordinator for CSI Lab. She has an avid interest in true crime, loves podcasts (Serial, anyone?) and can be found doing pilates and spin classes to destress from everything she reads about the criminal justice system.

Data Sources

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